Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Infectious diseases hospital open new ward to improved health care service. ward 7 is old ward for adult male patient cases of Chicken pox, herpes Zoster, Rash,fever For investigation,measles, german measles, Malaria devided 2 , ward 4 and ward 5.

Patient female for ward one and two also make new ward, ward 1 for patient jaundice, chicken pox, herpes, rash, measles , G measles and HIV patient,. Ward 2 is for patient malaria, fever for investigation, diarrhoea.

Ward 4 down special for FFI and ward 5 up special for chicken pox, herpes, Rash, Measles and german measles.To provided staff, the assisten director make reshuffel, distributed all staff to all ward according ward needed.

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